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“If we don’t make time for our lives, our lives won’t make time for us.”
~Kris Carr, author of Crazy Sexy Kitchen

After a year of trying to take care of myself, in ways that nourish me physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, I’ve come to these realizations:

  1. Self-care requires effort and commitment.
  2. I love vegetables, especially when I eat them in a delicious breakfast smoothie or juice them.  Before this year, I’d never eaten kale.  Now it’s a staple.
  3. Breakfast smoothies are now a part of my life, thanks to my Vitamix, and green drinks are soon to join the smoothies in my daily consumption.
  4. The Fitbit is a wonderful invention which has inspired to me to walk 10, 000 or more a steps a day, every day except one, since June 1.
  5. Kris Carr and Dr. Joel Fuhrman are amazing role models who have changed what I eat and how I eat it (even though I still eat too much chocolate).
  6. I love receiving physical and energetic modalities, particularly Healing Touch, reflexology, massage, facials, shiatsu, and acupuncture.  I will continue to book one (or more!) appointments every month.
  7. Setting a monthly goal is, for me, a realistic way to incorporate some self-care into my schedule.
  8. My blog is over but my self-care journey is most definitely not finished.

After a year of trying to take care of myself, I wish I had some magical advice or wise words to make it simple for you to incorporate self-care into your life.  Because self-care means many things to many people, creating your own definition is vital.  Self-care matters.  You matter.  If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else will.

take care



931269_509416455773288_197052788_nIt’s 9:30 pm and I still have just under 1000 steps to walk before reaching my daily goal of 10, 000.  Since my husband and I just got home from a walk, I’ll have to climb the stairs from the foyer to the top floor to reach the magic number.  Once I’ve completed my physical self care for the day, I’ll pay special attention to numbers 5 and 9 on this list.  Despite my good intentions, and a high-nutrient breakfast and lunch, I had too much chocolate after dinner.

6 best doctorsIn yesterday’s post, I stated my intention to honour my holistic nature – my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being – this weekend.  I didn’t spend much time with any of these fine doctors today.  I have a number of  excuses for this lapse in self-care and while some of the excuses are legitimate, they are still just excuses.  Tomorrow will be a healthier day, on all levels.

164456_544060428950288_146799242_nThis weekend, pay attention to your holistic nature – your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  I started my weekend on a positive note when I finished Harlan Coben’s novel Six Years.  It was a great read and now I’m ready for Jodi Picoult’s The Storyteller.  I’m not yet sure how I’ll nourish the other aspects of my holistic nature but I’ve got two days to decide.  Happy weekend!

5149ci7GuML._SL500_AA300_One of my favourite self-care activities is reading.  Lately I’ve been reading recipes and Dr. Fuhrman books so it’s a special treat to get my hands on a copy of Harlan Coben’s latest novel.  I’ve already finished the first 142 pages of this book.  I stopped only because I had to do this blog entry.  I’ll read a bit more before bed, imagining Hugh Jackman as the lead character.  Hugh Jackman, after all, is scheduled to star in the movie adaptation of Six Years.


April’s Goals

The first goal is to sun my aura as often as possible.  I was reminded of this self-care activity when teaching Level 1 Healing Touch in the last couple weeks.  It’s an idea mentioned when I was doing Instructor training in Colorado in July 2011, and I loved it so much that I now mention it to my own students.

The second goal is to continue to receive as many energetic and physical modalities as possible.  I recently heard Kris Carr claim that she has a weekly massage.  According to her, her body is her instrument which she needs to tend to.

The third goal is to continue to eat as many high-nutrient foods as possible while trying to reduce the amount of time I spend in the kitchen.  This might mean cooking a couple dishes a week and eating them that week with fresh salads and fruit desserts as accompaniments.

The fourth and final goal is to affirm “I accept myself unconditionally, right now.”  More details to come on this.

Seven Months Down, Five to Go!

I had four goals for March.

The first was to finish Eat to Live‘s Six-Week Plan.  Finish it I did, to the tune of seventeen pounds lost.  I have had one restaurant meal out since finishing and am now continuing to eat high-nutrient foods, specifically vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and seeds.  I have no immediate plans to resume my former eating habits.

The second was to receive as many energetic and physical modalities as possible.  I had reflexology, a massage, a colonic, energy work, a facial, and a manicure.  They were all fabulous.

The third was to take one “Day of Indulgence” which I did on March 20.  Snow welcomed the first day of spring in northern British Columbia.  I was displeased (a very mild description of my reaction) so I stayed indoors, watched “Bones”, took a nap, and relaxed.

The fourth and final goal was to try to establish a daily practice of either Self Chakra Connection, Self Spiral Meditation, or some sort of guided meditation.  I started out full steam with Oprah and Deepak and their 21-Day Meditation Challenge.  While I enjoyed the days I joined in, I did not finish the challenge.

March flew by.  I’m looking forward to the longer and brighter days of April

103This is how I looked on the outside and felt on the inside during my facial today.  I enjoyed every massage stroke and I even got a fabulous foot massage while my clay mask dried.  I need to treat myself to a facial more often.

janet“In order to heal others, we have to start with ourselves”.
~Janet Mentgen, Keynote Address at the Australian Holistic Nursing Conference in October 1995

In her Keynote Address, Janet spoke of the “steps of the path of healing”, or the “rules of right rhythmic living”,  that she followed in her life.  She credited Alice Bailey and Esoteric Healing as the source of these steps and stated that they were the principles she committed to living by on a daily basis.  She suggested that we make a commitment to ourselves and to our way of life.

Seven Principles of Self-Care for Healers

  1. Physical Clearing (Take care of our physical body, our physical existence.)
  2. Emotional Clearing (Express our hurts, our pains.)
  3. Mental Clearing (Change our cognitive thought processes.)
  4. Sacred Space (Create our sacred space when we are at home, our sacred space when we are away.)
  5. Silence (Move into the silence of meditation or Holy silence.)
  6. Holy Leisure (Learn to let go and bring balance into our life.)
  7. Holy Relationships (Be committed to our relationships.)

kris-carr-320Kris Carr writes bestselling books as well as a blog.  In her blog entry of March 18, 2013, she offers numerous tips on how we can make more time for ourselves.  All the tips are great ideas for self-care but this one really resonated with me.  I also love how Kris uses hearts for bullet points.

♥  You can’t give it all. For me, creative benders are essential. I become a laser-focused writing machine, and I thrive during those periods. But those jags aren’t sustainable. I can’t give every task equal priority and time. Sometimes I can do less than perfect. It’s not lazy. It’s realistic. Especially because my expectations are high (too high at times!). Occasionally, doing less is more than enough.

Click on this link to go straight to her blog entry “How to Do Less and Live More.”