Sometimes we get busy, so busy, we forget to take some time for ourselves.  Admittedly, sometimes we get so busy that we are unable to make the time.  That’s why I love this poster so much because it is a great reminder that self-care can be achieved in mere moments.  Thanks to Louise Hay for sharing this image on her Facebook page.  Thanks to Karen Horneffer-Ginter who created it and is selling a full-size version at this link.  http://www.fullcupthirstyspirit.com/product.php?id=POSTER50WAYS


feeling gratefulIt’s such a simple thing, to feel grateful or appreciative.  Today, I am grateful for:
1.  the sun
2.  my breakfast smoothie
3.  the JD Robb novel I just finished
4.  the Healing Touch trade I’m doing with a friend later
5.  a 100% healthy – and homemade! – dinner waiting in the fridge to be cooked
6.  the peace and quiet of my townhouse
7.  the return of my husband after his two-week visit with his parents ♥

10 waysIt’s easy to find inspirational sayings.  It’s just as easy to read them quickly.  What I like to do, when presented with a list of things to make me “happier”, is pick one or two and try to focus on it or them.  Today, then, I’m going to be thankful for what I have and enjoy where I am.  When my thoughts inevitably stray to what I want or think I need, I’ll gently rein them back in.

971966_10151786644964293_2057405894_nI have several challenges.  Finding a balance with my eating is one of them.  Another is trying to live in the moment.  So often I’m thinking weeks, months, and even years down the road.  While it is realistic to plan for the future, for me it is also important to live in the moment.  Finding this Winnie the Pooh visual is affirmation that, yes, today is what matters right now.

be yourselfWe can take of ourselves by embracing any and/or all of these concepts.  In the act of embracing these concepts, we are certain to nourish our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-beings.

quiet the mindI had a lightbulb moment today.  I actually can quiet my mind and I don’t need to meditate to do it.  Happily, all I need to do is get a Raynor massage.  I had another Raynor massage this afternoon and, in the act of focussing on my breath, I was able to clear my mind of chatter.  What bliss.

be mindful of your self-talkThis is sound advice for self-care.  This is sound advice, period.

eat real foodI rocked it today with two Kris Carr drinks, both taken from her book Crazy Sexy Kitchen.  Immediately after my hour-long walk, I juiced her Morning Glorious, a juice I’ve mentioned before.  For lunch, I made Strawberry Fields Smoothie, a drink I’ve made countless times.  It’s so incredibly easy to eat real food in drinks.  I’m not much of a gambler but I’m willing to wager a substantial sum of money that I’ll be juicing and blending long after this blog is over.  Any takers?


Kris Carr is a crazy sexy genius, in my humble opinion.  She has amazing recipes for smoothies and juices and she’s got amazing advice on self-care and wellness.  Today, I’m sharing my abbreviated version of her 11 Top Wellness Tips.  To see these tips as they appear on her blog, complete with links in each tip for more information on that particular tip, click on this link.


1. Quell the Fire!
She’s talking about chronic inflammation and she offers numerous ways to reduce it.

2. Talking Sh*t, Literally.
Dr. Oz talks about poop and so does Kris Carr.  For everything you ever wanted to know about poop, go to her blog right now.

3. Go Easy on Yourself
Ease into dietary life changes.  It’s not a race.

4. Plan & Prep
This is an essential step for wellness.  Plan ahead, even if it’s just making a grocery list for the week.

5.  Celebrate the Milestones
Get out your party hat and rejoice about your successes, whatever they might be.

6. Supercharge Your Fridge
Dr. Phil would say it’s creating a no-fail environment to fill your fridge with only high-nutrient food.  Kris calls it supercharging your fridge.  Different words, same great idea.

7. Go with Your Gut
Discover ways to have a healthy digestive system, in turn revitalizing your entire well-being.

8. Eat Greens & Garnish (with Greens)

9. You’re Alright Already
Love and accept yourself unconditionally right now.

10. Don a Detective Hat
When you’re not feeling at the top of your game, investigate!  Avoid ignoring symptoms.  Instead, discover what’s going on.

11. Say Sayonara!
Get rid of those toxic relationships once and for all.


imagEverything starts with a thought.  When I embarked on this blog, I hoped to make self-care a priority for a year.  I wanted to follow the self-care tenets of Healing Touch International as outlined in the Level 1 Student Workbook.  What I visualized, first and foremost, was participating in activities that honoured and nurtured my holistic nature.  I’ve certainly accomplished that, sometimes beyond my expectations.  While I’ve encountered challenges, visualization and imagining have been key.