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“If we don’t make time for our lives, our lives won’t make time for us.”
~Kris Carr, author of Crazy Sexy Kitchen

After a year of trying to take care of myself, in ways that nourish me physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, I’ve come to these realizations:

  1. Self-care requires effort and commitment.
  2. I love vegetables, especially when I eat them in a delicious breakfast smoothie or juice them.  Before this year, I’d never eaten kale.  Now it’s a staple.
  3. Breakfast smoothies are now a part of my life, thanks to my Vitamix, and green drinks are soon to join the smoothies in my daily consumption.
  4. The Fitbit is a wonderful invention which has inspired to me to walk 10, 000 or more a steps a day, every day except one, since June 1.
  5. Kris Carr and Dr. Joel Fuhrman are amazing role models who have changed what I eat and how I eat it (even though I still eat too much chocolate).
  6. I love receiving physical and energetic modalities, particularly Healing Touch, reflexology, massage, facials, shiatsu, and acupuncture.  I will continue to book one (or more!) appointments every month.
  7. Setting a monthly goal is, for me, a realistic way to incorporate some self-care into my schedule.
  8. My blog is over but my self-care journey is most definitely not finished.

After a year of trying to take care of myself, I wish I had some magical advice or wise words to make it simple for you to incorporate self-care into your life.  Because self-care means many things to many people, creating your own definition is vital.  Self-care matters.  You matter.  If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else will.

take care



10 to ZenMy mom needs to pay special attention to number six.  I, on the other hand, will focus on number ten.  Which number deserves some of your attention?

nothing ever goes awayDarn you, Pema.  Darn you for being right.  I may be nearing the end of this blog challenge and, while I feel like I’ve learned many things about self-care, I feel like I still know nothing.  But what is it that I need to know?  I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a neon flashing sign that is is very clear in the message I need to hear.

1170806_522071977877194_1319653896_nI started 2013 with two big purchases – a Vitamix and a rebounder.  I’ve used my Vitamix almost every day since I bought it.  The rebounder has been a wonderful place to hang my clothes, at least until recently.  About two weeks ago, my 11-year old niece came for a sleepover.  She was so enthralled with the mini-trampoline that she immediately started to bounce from it to my bed.  Since then, I sporadically do 100 or more bounces/steps a day and now I’m determined to make rebounding a part of my self-care routine, especially after reading about these benefits as described by Young and Raw.

1. Low impact aerobic exercise which can still be high intensity
2.  Stimulates circulation and oxygen flow throughout the body and blood
3. Boosts energy and mood
4. Conditions the heart with cardiovascular movements and strengthens & tones the muscles while bouncing burns fat
5. Burns more calories in less time then running!
6,  Delays the aging process, keeping you looking young

1238828_10151560693426570_164440588_nHow do you incorporate self-care into your daily life?  Do you pay attention to your holistic nature?  How often do you receive energetic and physical modalities?  Are you able to find your still place within?  Is it difficult to answer any of these questions?  We deserve to take care of ourselves, whatever that looks like.

every day is a new beginningSelf-care is a journey of caring for yourself now.  According to Healing Touch International, there are many aspects to self-care.  If you have taken Level 1 of Healing Touch, refer to page 22 of your student workbook.  If you have never taken Level 1, self-care is, in essence, taking care of yourself first, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  As I’ve discovered over the past year, self-care requires a daily commitment.  When self-care is forgotten, as sometimes happens, at least every day is a new beginning.

Omega 350 HD Juicers 4 EverI’m all juiced up for the arrival of my Omega Vert juicer!  It was a fairly arduous decision which juicer to buy but, since this brand is particularly good with leafy greens and has a full 10 year warranty and, since I could purchase it from, I opted for this vertical model.  I most definitely won’t be giving up my smoothies but I’m keen to add some other liquid love to my nutrient consumption.

1098479_515961238488268_486438914_nBefore January of this year, I had never made a smoothie for myself.  Enter the Vitamix and, voilà, I became a smoothie maker extraordinaire!  To say that the Vitamix has changed my life seems a bit melodramatic but it’s true.  I’ve never eaten so much spinach (a common ingredient in most of my drinks) in my life, not to mention raw fruits and vegetables.  While I mostly follow Kris Carr’s and Dr. Fuhrman’s recipes, I’ve recently discovered Young and Raw.  This combination looks divine and, with my chronic neck and back pain, it certainly warrants experimentation.

habits of happy peopleDance more?!  I may not be as bad as Elaine from “Seinfeld” but dancing is not my strong suit.  Maybe, then, that’s exactly what I might consider doing more often, in the privacy of my own home, of course.   I don’t recall where I found this list but it’s apparently habits of happy people.  This list contains a lot of good self-care ideas, too.  It’s possible that happiness and self-care go hand in hand.

Today is your day...I love Healing Touch, the receiving, the giving, and the tenets of self-care offered to students and practitioners alike.  This image mirrors the HT International suggestion of learning to let go and releasing all that no longer serves you.  This concept is sadly sometimes easier in theory than in practice but it’s still worth the effort of incorporating into daily life.