1170806_522071977877194_1319653896_nI started 2013 with two big purchases – a Vitamix and a rebounder.  I’ve used my Vitamix almost every day since I bought it.  The rebounder has been a wonderful place to hang my clothes, at least until recently.  About two weeks ago, my 11-year old niece came for a sleepover.  She was so enthralled with the mini-trampoline that she immediately started to bounce from it to my bed.  Since then, I sporadically do 100 or more bounces/steps a day and now I’m determined to make rebounding a part of my self-care routine, especially after reading about these benefits as described by Young and Raw. https://www.facebook.com/youngandraw

1. Low impact aerobic exercise which can still be high intensity
2.  Stimulates circulation and oxygen flow throughout the body and blood
3. Boosts energy and mood
4. Conditions the heart with cardiovascular movements and strengthens & tones the muscles while bouncing burns fat
5. Burns more calories in less time then running!
6,  Delays the aging process, keeping you looking young