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Ten Months Down, Two to Go!

I had three goals for June.

The first was to walk at least 10, 000 steps a day.  Bring on the ticker-tape parade!  I was a walking superstar and I rocked this goal, never missing a day and always reaching or surpassing my daily steps.  Walking the majority of my steps before breakfast was crucial to my success.

The second was to eat mostly high-nutrient foods.  I wasn’t the food superstar I’d hoped to be but I’m still pleased with my efforts.  Yes, there were too many chocolate bars but I always consumed my morning smoothies and I continued to eat as many fruits and veggies as possible.

The third was to laugh, which I accomplished by finishing three seasons of “The Big Bang Theory” as well as most of season 6 of “Bones.”  I find such joy in these two shows and I have more to keep me entertained through the summer.

This June was probably the best end to a school year yet.



I love walking barefoot on sand and on grass.  Even though I’ve posted before about the benefits of walking barefoot, I just discovered Dr. Mercola’s article “Walking Barefoot Might Be An Essential Element Of Good Health.”  In his article, he claims…”that the simple pleasure of barefoot walking offers significant benefits in improving numerous health conditions in as little as 30 minutes…a day.”  Bye bye, socks and shoes.  Hello, grass.  With a heat wave heading my way, I’m going to find a shady spot, get comfy in a lawn chair with a great book, and plant my feet on the ground.

Enjoy the entire article at

14403505-chalkboard-words-schools-out-for-summer-with-drawing-of-sun-schools-out-for-summerYear 23 as a high school French and (occasional) English teacher is under my belt.  I’m finally free and not just for the summer.  I will not have to return to the classroom until September 2014, thanks to my deferred leave plan.  Now I can devote myself full-time to my health and wellness business, which includes Healing Touch, reflexology, relaxing massages, and spa facials.  I’ll be able to see if the grass really is greener outside my windowless classroom.  Mostly, I hope to enjoy myself which should be easy, especially when I’m travelling with my husband.

50 thingsDay 300?!  It certainly hasn’t been money that’s been getting me to the keyboard for the last ten months, sharing my attempts at self-care.  While money can’t buy true happiness, it can make life easier.  After all, it’s been money that’s provided me with regular opportunities to relax, whether with massage, acupuncture, a facial, or reflexology. It was money that bought my Vitamix, ensuring regular consumption of high-nutrient smoothies, helping me to have clean arteries.  It’s money that’s paying for my upcoming trips, which will certainly offer many wonderful memories.  So, no, money won’t make me happy, but it sure can make life more fun.

half moon cayWhen my feet are sinking into the sand of Half Moon Cay, Bahamas, I have a hard time remembering what being stressed feels like.  When I’m back in the real world of work and responsibility, I have a roller coaster relationship with stress.  In her article Stressed Out?  6 Simple Ways To Cope, Irene Ross offers these strategies to relax and unwind.  I particularly like number one.

1.  Ask yourself:  is this urgent or important?
2.  De-clutter your space.
3.  Smile.
4.  Turn off the gadgets and do something fun.
5.  Get enough sleep.
6.  Keep it in perspective.

For Irene Ross’s complete article, go to



motivation is what...This is so true.  Today is the 25th day in a row I”ve walked before breakfast.  I’m still not a fan of getting up early but knowing I don’t have to exercise after work is the best feeling.  I fully intend to nurture my walking habit by continuing my pre-breakfast strolls.

134317_560121470674957_2097077468_oIgnorance is bliss.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t know anything about superfoods, nutrient-dense foods, or foods with healing properties.  It would be so much easier if I could just mindlessly eat whatever I wanted with no consideration of the consequences to my health. cites these seven foods as superfoods.  Dr. Fuhrman would agree that blueberries, kale, and lentils and beans are filled with nutrients and are therefore important to consume as often as possible.  On the days that I’m enticed to the dark side, I’ll try to eat as many healthier choices as I can in addition to those not-so-stellar choices.

there is no drug...I consumed only high-nutrient food today which, after yesterday’s debauchery, was most welcome.  I moved my body, to the tune of 9200 steps by 7:20 am.  I indulged in self-love with a wonderful two-hour siesta and several episodes of “Bones.”  As for the mindfulness, I’m not sure if I engaged in that but I did make a conscious effort to veer away from critical and negative thoughts.  This sunny and warm Sunday was great all in all.

1010505_572709276114322_2088999458_nThe title had me at chocolate.  Add creamy and pudding and I’m ready to plug in the Vitamix.  Needless to say, this recipe is next on the list of those to try.  What’s extra cool about this recipe is that my sister-in-law created it and its visual representation.  To make the recipe bigger, simply click on it.  Then print and enjoy for yourself!

summer for facebookHappy first day of summer!  Summer is my favourite season and not just because I don’t have to work.  I love the long days when it’s easier to get up early.  I love how carefree I feel, which is probably a result of not having to work.  I love feeling the warmth sink into my bones.   I love the profusion of colours of trees, blue sky, and flowers.  The first day of summer in Prince George, BC, has been glorious, and I’m looking forward to another three months just like today.