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Eight Months Down, Four to Go!

I had four goals for April.

The first goal was to sun my aura as often as possible.  April’s weather in northern British Columbia was terrible.  It rained, froze overnight, and even snowed.  There was warmth, yes, and even some beautiful sunny days, but not as many as I needed or would have liked.  I also work in a classroom with no windows – horrendous, I know! – but I’m fortunate to have a door leading to outside.  There were some glorious days when we could open the door but, again, not as many as I needed or would have liked.

The second goal was to continue to receive as many energetic and physical modalities as possible.  I did well with this goal, with one massage, a visit to the chiropractor, a Reiki session, and two acupuncture sessions.

The third goal was to continue to eat as many high-nutrient foods as possible while trying to reduce the amount of time I spent in the kitchen.  I definitely spent less time in the kitchen and although I continued to eat high-nutrient foods, mostly for breakfast and lunch, I let my strict vegan habits fly by the wayside.  I did not increase my consumption of animal protein but I did increase my indulgence of chocolate and other sugary treats.

The fourth and final goal was to affirm “I accept myself unconditionally, right now.”  When I remembered, usually at night when nodding off, I did affirm this mentally.  Otherwise, I have some work to do in this area.


I’m rather skilled at self-chastisement.  How could I eat so many chocolate bars?  Why did I eat those chips when I know they have MSG?  Why did I not make the time for a walk?  After nearly eight months of this blog, whose sole purpose is to increase my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self-care, it would be wonderful to consistently lean towards the healthier choice.  Since that doesn’t seem to be happening consistently –yet!– I’m happy to have found this quote.



It would be crazy sexy cool to be able to raise a green drink with Kris Carr or Dr. Oz.  After indulging yesterday with cookies, pizza, and desserts at a charity fundraiser, I’m ramping up today’s nutrient-meter with my first Make Juice Not War Green Drink.  The combination of cucumber, spinach, celery, broccoli stem, and green apple was light and brimming with vitamins and minerals and all things good.  Bottoms up!

Since today was only the second time I’ve juiced my own drink, I was glad to have these tips.

  1. Make sure vegetables/fruits are small or crunch-able enough to put in the juicer’s feeding mechanism.
  2. Push veggies/fruits in one at a time.
  3. Juice leafy greens (and other soft vegetables) first.  Firmer vegetables that come after can help move along softer bits of produce that are not completely through the extraction mechanism.
  4. Roll leafy greens into small balls before juicing.  This helps prevent veggie congestion mayhem.
  5. Fruits can be juiced near the end since they typically push down and through the extraction mechanism without problem

lemon peelWhen I actually remember, I use the juice of half a lemon in my morning water.  It’s always a nice break from plain water and I know that it’s good for me.  One of the ingredients in this morning’s Strawberry Fields Smoothie is a tablespoon of lemon zest.  I love the little zing it gives to the drink and I’m delighted to see the benefits of adding this to my breakfast.  With this list from, I’ll try to use lemon zest/peel more often.

IMG_2816Really, how could I not be in love with the fitbit one?  This graph alone is enough to keep me coming back for more.  These are last night’s results, and I find it fascinating to see what times I woke up and for how long I was awake.  I’m also happy to report that I’m at 5502 steps which, although still a long way from 10, 000 steps, are a improvement from yesterday.  On an entirely different note, I was thrilled to find organic strawberries at Costco tonight.  Tomorrow morning’s breakfast will be Strawberry Fields Smoothie, from Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen.  It’s one of my favourite morning drinks and the fact that “strawberries are phytonutrient factories, supplying [the] body with … anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients” (p95) is a beautiful bonus.

My sister is jealous of my sleep stats, my aunt wants me to send her a fitbit, and one friend wonders if I’ll buy my own when I have to return the borrowed one.  To my sister, reading last night’s sleep stats will not lessen your envy.  To my aunt, you’ll have to shell out $100 for one of your own.  To my friend, if I had to return the fitbit tomorrow, I’d definitely buy one.  If the novelty has worn off in a couple months, I doubt I’ll bother .
Check out my ACTIVITY stats for today.  They are woefully inadequate but I am surprised I did so many steps, considering I was in my classroom most of the day.
Steps:  3837  taken  (38% of goal of 10,000)
Floors:  13 climbed  (130% of goal of 10)
Miles traveled:  1.7   (34% of goal of 5.00)
Calories burned:  1625 (72% of goal of 2,271)
Active score:  479   (48% of goal of 1,000)

Last night’s sleep stats
Time slept:  7hrs 7min
Bed time:  10:13pm
Fell asleep in:  8 min
Awakened:  3 times
In bed time:  7hrs 29min
Sleep efficiency:  97%
Unlike my aunt or my sister, I’ve never had trouble sleeping.  The fitbit one confirmed that after I attached it to my wrist for the first time last night.  These cool stats make me love my fitbit even more.
Time slept:  7hrs 48min
Bed time:  9:56pm
Fell asleep in:  25 min
Awakened:  4 times
In bed time:  8hrs 24min
Sleep efficiency:  98%

303394-fitbit-oneI love gadgets and I’m betting the fitbit one will get me back in the exercise groove.  The PE department at my school got some free fitbits for staff to pilot; if the pilot goes well the fitbits will be used in future PE classes.  The fitbit does more than track everyday activity, such as steps, distance, calories burned, and stairs climbed.  This nifty device also monitors sleep, the number of hours slept, times woken up, and sleep quality.  I can check my progress online with charts and graphs.  My first goal is to reach 10, 000 steps a day.

rainbow to eatI nurtured myself physically today by eating a rainbow.  More specifically, just from the pictures above, I’ve had an apple, strawberries, red pepper, an orange, banana, yellow pepper, cucumber, blueberries,  and cauliflower.  I continued the self-care with a walk in the sun and then I finished the day with a good laugh and an episode of “Bones.”

simbolo-reikiI’ve created a wonderful weekend of self-care.  Yesterday morning I had acupuncture and this morning I had a Reiki session.  There are so many things I love about getting energy work but my favourite part is that half-alert state where I’m aware of what is happening in the room even though my mind is off on some adventure.