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Four Months Down, Eight to Go!

I had two goals for December.  The first was to move 30 minutes or more every day for the entire month.  I managed nineteen days in a row before I got sick and was forced to stop exercising.  The second goal was to offer Mind Clearing to twelve different people.  I procrastinated and procrastinated, thinking I’d just do them all during my two week Christmas break.  Then I got sick and more than exercise was put on the back burner.

At least I was able to continue my daily practice of the Self-Chakra Connection, which means I’ve done either that or the Self-Spiral Meditation every day since September 1.  As for food, I didn’t eat as healthily as I’d hoped but I managed to maintain my 14.5 pound weight loss.

Now, with 2012 coming to an end, I realize that I am one-third finished this year-long challenge of self-care.  Here’s to an interesting, revitalizing, and healthy 2013!




Four years ago today, my husband and I married at sunset on a beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  The ceremony was magical, with the warm breeze, the soft sand under our bare feet, and the family and friends who celebrated with us.  Tonight, in our townhouse is northern British Columbia, we will eat homemade pizza and think fondly of our wedding in paradise.

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.”
~Carol Welch, movement educator

For me, this is very true.  When I exercise, in whatever way that may be, I feel better on all levels.  The same can be said for food.  The healthier food choices I make, the better I feel on all levels.  When I am healthier physically, I am most certainly healthier emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Quite simply, when I focus on physical self-care first, everything else seems to fall into place much more easily.

“Don’t judge your body for being sick; it’s telling you something.”

I saw this quote recently on one of the Facebook pages I like.  While there is much on “The SCD Lifestyle” page I am not a believer of, I do appreciate little reminders like this.  I’m not judging my body, either.  More than anything, I’m curious as to what it’s trying to tell me.  What’s with the annoying cough?  Is there something I’m trying to get off my chest?  What’s with the head congestion?  Is there something about which I’m seeking clarity?  Many questions, indeed; too bad I’m so sick all I want to do is reread early Nora Roberts novels and watch season two of “Bones.”

The website my quote came from is


We are the only ones who can put ourselves first.  We alone can pay attention to our holistic natures.  We can take time out of our busy schedules to nourish ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  We look after ourselves first because we’re worth it.  When we veer away from this journey of caring for ourselves first, Buddha can bring us back with a gentle reminder.

I’m feeling better although I’m still not well enough to exercise.  Having said that, the NY Times claims that the best medicine for a cold is exercise.

This is an interesting article.

Merry Christmas.  Feliz Navidad.  Joyeux Noël.  Whatever language you choose, the sentiment is the same.


Warm wishes for a wonderful Christmas Eve.

oil of oregano

I didn’t get the Christmas Oil of Oregano miracle I was hoping for.  I felt worse today than yesterday particularly in the afternoon.  Nevertheless, I shall persevere with Oil of Oregano considering its health benefits and medicinal qualities.

More specifically, Oil of Oregano is helpful in:

  • Destroying organisms that contribute to skin infections and digestive problems
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Increasing joint and muscle flexibility
  • Improving respiratory health

Oil of Oregano is supposed to be magical.  I’d heard of its powers before but not until a friend reminded me earlier of these powers did I even consider trying it.  I have an awesome sister who went out in the -18 weather and to the health food store to buy some.  It’s foul-tasting but then again so is Buckley’s and I’ve used that in the past.  I’m counting on Oil of Oregano working its magic on me quickly and gently.